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Tower of Solomon

Tower of Solomon is a free couch multiplayer tower-climbing game for 2-4 players. Build blocks to climb the tower, and try to outlast the other players. If you die, you turn into a screaming skull, so don’t do that. You can also find the game on my page.

Download Tower of Solomon (3mb)



  • Left bumper\L1: build
  • D-pad\left analog stick: move
  • A\X: jump
  • X\square: shoot
  • Start: begin
  • Select: exit

System Requirements

  • Pentium 4 2GHz\Athlon XP 2000 or better
  • 64 megs of RAM
  • DirectX 9
  • Windows XP or newer (Linux and Mac users have my apologies – wine works)
  • At least one Xinput-compatible gamepad (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 pads\SCP drivers tested)


  • Game: Rob Welch
  • Music (used without permission and with apologies)
  • Testers: Joe Eatson, Matt Vaughan, Elliot Diamond-Hitchcock, John Craige, Specs, ShinyMissingno


Q: Why did you make this?
A: Iunno.


  • 1.1
    • New sprites for projectiles.
    • Players can now steer the screaming skull.
    • You can no longer prevent a player from jumping by standing on them (‘the new meta’).
    • The tower now ascends faster when a player is killed.
  • 1.0
    • It’s a game.

Last updated July 16, 2018.

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