Lawyer Guy: Defender of Justice is a running, jumping and shooting action platformer game, currently in development for Windows (and Linux sometimes\hopefully). Free, downloadable preview levels of the game will be posted here regularly!

Have a look at my main website for development updates and articles! You can also contact me directly by emailing [email protected]

Demo Area 4 - 'Robotica Ensemble'

All that stands between Lawyer Guy and Eternal Justice is a vast army of hyper-intelligent killer robots. It's an all-out battle royale with cheese! This level introduces the deadly 'Lonestar Jr' enemy, super lazer bullets, and the dangerous detonator box.

Demo Area 3 - 'Tetrahedron Alley'

If you die in Virtual Reality, do you die for real? Better not find out, Lawyer Guy! This area introduces the chaotic platform spawner, the hard-to-dodge 'spiky boy', and Lawyer Guy's newest gizmo, the portable checkpoint device.

Demo Area 2 - 'Sweet Dreams'

Once a high-tech factory, this area has been reclaimed by nature. This level introduces the infinitely-spawning 'walker bro' enemy, the panic inducing 'tick bomb', and the devilishly difficult 'toggle block'.

Demo Area 1 - 'Desolation Zone'

The robots in this region may have been long-abandoned, but they are restless, and angry. This level features the ubiquitous spring-powered 'springboyd' enemy, the hands-free hoverlift and the ephemeral holo-block.